Meet The PullKitchen Team

PullKitchen was founded in 2020 by Parker and Dave, two detail-oriented, adventure-obsessed outdoorsmen.

They built the first PullKitchen in Dave’s garage and now manufacture every PullKitchen in their shop in Milpitas, Calif. 

Every PullKitchen is built by hand in California using the highest quality materials available, so you can be confident your kitchen is not only sleek, but it can stand up to your toughest adventures.

  • Parker Brink, PullKitchen Co-Founder & CEO

    Parker Brink

    Founder & CEO

  • Dave Addington, PullKitchen Co-Founder & CMO

    Dave Addington

    Founder & CMO

  • Jesus Martinez

    PullKitchen Builder Extraordinare

  • Angel Sedano

    PullKitchen Builder Extraordinaire

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